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The Cleaning Hands For You Organization Story


Hello, I’m Doris Scheidler, owner of Always A Clean Sweep.


We service residential homes and commercial businesses with over thirteen years’ experience. 


My sister was diagnosed with small cell cancer in February 2017 at the age of 50. This was, of course, very devastating to our family. We hadn’t dealt with this kind of illness before. From a personal experience, it was stressful, hurtful, and emotional for not only me but for everyone involved. I cried every single day. My sister had two years to live, but after the massive physical and mental toll, she passed away within two months. The Lord took her home on April 28th, 2017.


With this in mind, we at Always A Clean Sweep want to lighten someone’s load, if only for a moment. Cleaning services are provided free of charge for those with terminal cancer. We focus on their home so as to let them focus on their health.


So when you book a service with Always A Clean Sweep, you not only get a clean home, you are also helping a cancer patient get a clean home at no cost to them. So please tell your family, friends, and businesses about our services so we can help as many people as possible!


Doris Scheidler

Always A Clean Sweep

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