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Scheduling & Cancellation

Due to the number of last-minute cancellations and rescheduling, it has become necessary for AACleanS to require a minimum of forty-eight hours (48) advance notice for changes to an appointment.


New requests for appointments may be denied due to the confirmation of other appointments that may become canceled at a later date. The 48-hour notice allows AACleanS an opportunity to schedule new appointments accordingly.


We are aware that “life happens,” and that sometimes canceling or rescheduling with advance notice is impossible. If it appears that canceling or rescheduling fewer than 48 hours before the appointment occurs on a recurring basis (more than once), a $35.00 cancellation fee will be charged.  This fee is in place to cover wages as well as loss of income that occurs when there is a last-minute cancellation.


Additionally, if cleaning staff arrives and cannot get in to service your home, they will wait a maximum of ten (10) minutes, after which a trip charge will be assessed at $25.00.


Clients who incur any penalty fees MUST pay the total of such fees before a future cleaning service may be scheduled, and within 5 days of added fees. Discounts cannot be applied to cancellation fees.


NOTE:  By scheduling an appointment, you are accepting the conditions of this policy.

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