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Policies & Information

Always A Clean Sweep (AACleanS) has placed the following policies on this page in case you have additional questions. Our main goal is to make sure we keep your business clean and hassle free. Policies and procedures help us communicate to you the things we believe are important to our business.

  • Clients are responsible for de-cluttering rooms to be cleaned BEFORE cleaning staff arrives.

  • Please keep all children and pets out of areas to be serviced during cleaning appointments.

  • For insurance purposes, AACleanS CANNOT move any furniture.  Clients are responsible for moving any furniture that needs to be cleaned under prior to the cleaning appointment.  (When you are given an estimate for cleaning services, please inform us if you will be moving furniture on the appointment date.)

  • Due to our insurance guidelines, AACleanS CANNOT clean or dust collectibles or other valuable items. Clients are responsible for removing any valuables from rooms to be cleaned (or, if they cannot be moved, please let a member of our staff know) BEFORE cleaning services have started.

  • AACleanS does shampoo carpet. We are partners with A-to-Z carpet cleaning Plus they do a super job call 270-078-4140 for your booking!

  • AACleanS is NOT responsible for pets.  Please keep all pets in kennels, outdoors, or otherwise secured away from areas to be serviced during cleaning appointments.

  • As a precaution against biohazards, AACleanS CANNOT clean up any bodily fluids or waste from pets or humans; this includes excessive pet hair.

  • Due to the delicate nature of electronics, AACleanS CANNOT clean any television screens or computer monitors.

  • Clients are responsible for removing any adhesives applied to windows that are to be cleaned.

  • AACleanS CANNOT clean any light fixtures that are positioned higher than nine (9) feet above the floor.  If you would like any covers or domes on light fixtures (regardless of floor height) to be cleaned.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our cleaning service – or if you have any issues or concerns that were not addressed or handled – please inform AACleanS within twenty-four (24) hours after an appointment is completed.  Please give specific details about your issue(s) when you contact us, and we will schedule a follow-up visit as soon as possible and do our very best to correct that issue(s).

  • AACleanS can only give limited public sponsorship. We support our church, and we offer FREE cleaning for approved cancer patients. (We are partners with cleaning for a reason.) You can also direct anyone who has cancer to go to our sister site to get two free cleanings.

NOTE:  If your business has had any type of remodeling recently completed (small or large) such as painting, carpet installation, drilling, etc., please ensure the contractor picked up after themselves. Especially paint scrubbed off everything, all loose nails picked up, and other items that may potentially damage AACleanS equipment. We will be more than happy to clean these things up for an extra charge if you let us know 24 -36 hours before our scheduled appointment.
By scheduling an appointment, you are accepting the conditions of this policy.