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Deep Cleaning



The following rates include a total cleaning for move-in or move-out services:  

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Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday 8am - 9:00pm



  • Only inside of windows will be cleaned (additional charge for taking windows apart).

  • Rates include cleaning outside large kitchen appliances (e.g., microwave, stove/oven, and refrigerator) Please check with us for prices to clean large appliance interiors

  • AACleanS will only spot clean your interior walls.

  • For insurance purposes, AACleanS will NOT move any furniture or clean/dust collectibles or other extremely valuable items.  Please remove any such valuables from rooms to be cleaned, or designate them to AACleanS staff, BEFORE cleaning services are started.

  • The home or office has to be completely empty or there will be an additional charge for clearing those items out.  This also includes the refrigerator.  Please have them removed prior to our arrival.



All payments are due once services are rendered. 


  • Cash

  • Pay pal, cash app, google pay, cashier's check.


Deep Cleaning (allow 6 – 10 hours) depending on Sq Ft.










Pictures and Wall

Dust all pictures and wall hanging
Wash them down if desired
Windowsills, ceiling fans, cobwebs
Dust all hangings


Door faces 

Spot clean walls 

Wash down baseboards


After the initial cleaning these things are done as needed


Damp wipe all windowsills

Dust all ceiling fans

Remove all cobwebs within reach




By scheduling an appointment, you are accepting the conditions of this policy.



Wash down all counters and kitchen tables.
Wash down the outsides of all appliances
Clean the inside of the microwave
Load dishwasher
Sweep and mop

Wash door faces


Wash down all counters sinks, mirrors and faucets.
Sanitize and wipe toilet 
 Deep, detailed scrub of showers and bathtubs
Shake out bathmats
Sweep and mop 

Wash door faces


Dust all dust-able surfaces
Pick-up items on floor if needed
Vacuum, sweep or mop 

Wash door faces

Living Rooms


Dust all dust-able surfaces without moving furniture
Vacuum, sweep or mop
Pick up and or straighten as needed

Wash door faces 

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