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Organizing & More

AACleanS can provide some extra pairs of hands to help you with a variety of needs around your home or business.  The charge for these is $35.00 per hour, and a minimum of four (4) hours must be contracted.  You must provide any materials that may be necessary (e.g. boxes, shelves, tape, etc.).  Also, we do not assemble any items or furniture, so you must have them already put together.


In order to get the most of your time and money for these services, please have ALL items present and ready so that our team can get straight to work when we arrive!


  • Moving out? We can help you pack and move boxes (minimum 15-20 lbs. each), and we can label your items (no furniture or other items).  Just tell us how to arrange them and what code, word, or number to put on them.

  • Moving in? We can help you unpack and do room to room.  Just tell us where you want your boxes and other items to go. Boxes and room must be clearly marked or placed in the rooms you want them in.

  • Clean silverware

  • Organize closets, pantry, cabinets, or other places

  • Decorating for special occasions?  We can help set up for many kinds of events (e.g. birthday, anniversary, retirement, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). If decorating outdoors, it must be weather-permitting and not under extreme temperatures – suitable for being outside for an extended period of time.

  • Clean windows and blinds (wood or plastic), usually in the spring and fall( $7.00 per window).

  • Change bathroom or kitchen décor/colors (even candles) for a certain season

  • Change batteries in smoke detectors (must not be over nine feet above floor)

  • Clean patio furniture, including setting up or putting away seasonally

  • Clean mattresses ($50.00 per side) to get rid of stains and odors (coming soon)

  • Carpet cleaning NOW!

  • Folding Laundry

These are just a few services that we are currently providing to our clients.  We are always looking to improve and increase the level of services we offer so be sure to check back with us often. If you have a question about a particular task not listed here for which you need our help, just ask!

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