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Re-Occuring Cleaning

The following rates include a total cleaning for move-in or move-out services:  


Rates for all cleaning services are based on the size of living space and (when applicable) on the frequency of your cleaning schedule in one calendar month.  Initial service requires a deep cleaning prior to establishing a regular cleaning schedule.  It would be virtually impossible to “skip” our standard first-time cleaning routine and maintain your home’s cleanliness standards satisfactorily.  There is a big difference between “old dirt” and “new dirt”; if we don’t get rid of the old dirt (no matter how hard we try), simply removing the new dirt won’t help to make things look sparkling, fresh, and clean!



                                               We offer competitive price for repeat customers 



We now carry Eco-Friendly Products, just ask for it when calling!


Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday 8am - 9:00pm


Reoccurring Cleaning (allow 2-6 hours) Depending on SqFt



NOTE:  By scheduling an appointment, you are accepting the conditions of this policy.


Wipe down all counters and kitchen tables.
Wipe down the outsides of all appliances
Clean the inside of the microwave
Load dishwasher
Sweep and mop

Wash door faces


Dust all dust-able surfaces
Pick-up items on floor if needed
Vacuum, sweep or mop 

Wash door faces


Wipe down all counters sinks, mirrors and faucets.
Sanitize and wipe toilet 
 Do a light scrubbing of showers and bathtubs
Shake out bathmats
Sweep and mop 

Wash door faces

Living Rooms


Dust all dust-able surfaces without moving furniture
Vacuum, sweep or mop
Pick up and or straighten as needed

Wash door faces 

General/Additional Services

Sweep/vacuum all other areas in the house

Mop all areas in the house

Dust all surfaces

Detail windows $6 Each (Fall: Oct-Nov)

As Needed


Dust all pictures and wall hangings

Dust and damp wipe all windowsills 

Dust all ceiling fans

Remove all cobwebs within reach

Door Faces

Spot clean walls

Wipe down baseboards

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